Friday, September 5, 2008

Network Solutions continues to make life hell.

Since we posted on September 1 things did not improve with Network Solutions which, in my opinion, is acting maliciously to prevent us transferring our domain names to another server. They have demanded signed letters and ID copies. They got everything they wanted.

On Tuesday we were told that they had removed the transfer lock. They sent us instructions to reinitiate the transfer but we discovered that some admin contact information that they said they updated last week had not been updated at all. That would block the transfer. This in spite of them assuring us it had been done and would take effect in 24 hours. Everything apparently takes effect in 24 hours, in their dreams.

So the admin contact information finally was updated and that was confirmed. Instantly Network Solutions sent another message saying they had locked all the domain again! That was three days ago. We were told by phone that they would release it within 24 hours but that never happened. We have emailed them and they have ignored the emails. It has been one full week since we tried to get our new website design up and running and for that entire week Network Solutions has botched the transfer, lied to us, treated us as if were criminals for daring to use our own domain names, and basically done everything they can to block the transfer.

I know a lot of our customers at internet designers and such. May I warn you to stay as far away from Network Solutions as you can. As bad as they were when I last blogged about them they have managed to become even worse.

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