Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Mind of the Market

Michael Shermer is the editor of The Skeptic magazine and an advocate of reason and science. In his newest book The Mind of the Market Shermer outlines how markets act and evolve much the way nature acts and evolves. Capitalism is a natural system which evolves through natural selection.

What is often forgotten is that Darwinian evolution and Smithian markets both show how order can evolve naturally from competition and innovation. To oppose capitalism makes about as much sense as being against photosynthesis.

Laissez Faire is happy to offer Michael Shermer’s new book The Mind of the Market. But we are also thrilled to have DVDs of his presentation to the Cato Institute about the his new book. This is an excellent introduction to the book and a good companion to it.

Hardback, 308 pages, list price $26.00. LFB price $23.95.
DVD, 60 minutes, $14.95

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