Monday, February 18, 2008

Special package deal: Immigrants are good for us.

Some conservatives argue that more immigration is detrimental to the country. Yet historically libertarians have been the advocates of the free movement of goods, capital and labor. The free movement of all three are critical elements of a free market. To restrict any one of these three pillars of a market economy is to shift the economy decidedly in a dirigist direction.

And author Philippe Legrain has authored a hard-hitting, perceptive defense of a free market in labor in his work: Immigrants: Your Country Needs Them. Legrain argues the immigration is not the zero sum game that many xenophobes on the Right or unionist on the Left seem believe. Free migration, like all free exchange, is a win-win situation. Legrain carefully answers the arguments put forth by those who want state restrictions on labor migration.

Economist Tyler Cowen says Legrain’s book is the “single best non-technical defense of a liberal immigration policy. What I liked most was how it put U.S. debates in a broader context, most American sources don’t do this.... This book is original in this regard, yet without moving beyond easily understood arguments.”

Hardback, 374 pages, $27.95.

But we also have a DVD of Legrain putting forward his case for a libertarian immigration policy. Approximately one hour long this presentation covers some of the main points and is a great educational tool for people just starting to consider freedom as an alternative. This DVD is a Laissez Faire Books exclusive in cooperation with the Cato Institute. DVD, $14.95.

Immigration Package deal. Order both the Legrain DVD presentation and the book at a special discount. If you order the book we will sell you the DVD for the special low price of $7.95. In other words get both the book and the DVD for $35.90.

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