Monday, June 23, 2008

Can any readers give advice on this problem

Lately we have in hit with numerous pieces of hate propaganda by some demented individual who hates Jews. He continually sends us the anti-semitic material that we don't want to receive. We asked him nicely, though he didn't deserve such respect, to delete us from his hate list. He has refused to do so. The second time we told him we would report him for sending spam after we requested that he delete us. The hate material comes in with amazing regularity.

He uses an account at Yahoo who claims that they "take seriously" anyone using a Yahoo account to spam others. Sure they do! That's why they apparently make it impossible to file a spam report against one of their customers. I have gone to their FAQ and gone through their "abuse" section. The only connection I found was to a "search abuse" -- I've never heard of that but figured I'd give it a try.

They responded and said it was the wrong department. But they have refused to provide an email so I can file with the right department. Instead they say I must go to page that answers the question about abuse. It actually only addresses how people with Yahoo accounts can stop spam from others. It doesn't address how others can stop spam from Yahoo accounts.

Failing that I was told to click "no" when it asks if this was helpful and then fill out the "feedback" form that will appear. I click "no" but no feedback form appears. There is a button to contact "customer support". Attempts to use it however require me to "log in" to my Yahoo account. In other words they will Yahoo customers complain about spam but not those of us without Yahoo accounts. Yet it is they who are sending the emails on behalf of this nut case. If you don't believe that he's crazy look at the photo.

My question to the readers is this: Does anyone have an email address or a phone number where one can contact Yahoo and actually reach someone who stop us from getting this unwanted hate mail?

Our view is that we have asked him to stop sending his crap to us. He is in violation of his agreement with Yahoo. He refuses to stop and refuses to honor his contract with Yahoo. But we need help to stop getting his offensive literature.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Some questions on Market for Liberty

I received a couple of questions over the last couple of weeks regarding the classic book The Market for Liberty by Linda and Morris Tannehill and thought I’d answer them here for the benefit of everyone.

One writer wanted to know if it was true that Linda and Morris Tannehill were pseudonyms and that the real authors were Dirk Pearson and Sandy Shaw. The other asked about what versions of the book exist. I’ll answer in that order.

I can assure the readers that Linda and Morris Tannehill were real people and the legitimate names of the authors. I recently read the files of correspondence between Laissez Faire Books and the Tannehills. Linda and Morris had split up as a couple and apparently Linda remarried. They were living in different states.

I was familiarizing myself with the history of the contract between LFB and the Tannehills since LFB republished the book in 1994 after purchasing the rights from the Tannehills. I saw letters from Linda and Morris and even have the photocopies of the payments they received when they sold LFB the rights to The Market for Liberty.

That brings us to question number two. There have only been two legitimate editions of The Market for Liberty -- if there are others floating around they would be pirated editions and actually the theft of LFB property (depending on when that was done).

The first legitimate edition was the one which the Tannehills published themselves. It was a paperback edition and printed with a yellow paper cover. If memory serves me it said it was printed in Michigan which is where they lived at the time.

The LFB edition of the book was a stark black cover. Those are the two legitimate editions. The first was published by the Tannehills, the authors and thus copyright holders. Later they sold the rights to the book to LFB. If there is another one I have not yet seen it. If it was printed years ago then it was the violation of the property right of the Tannehills. If it was printed recently then they have stolen LFB property.

By the way if you have one of the originals I would estimate its value at around $40 to $50.